Top 7 Dominos Games You Must Play

We all know that Domino is a popular family game which can be played in different forms. ‘Layout Games’ is one of the most typical games which can be played on a table. You can play the game by blocking or scoring in the game. Whether it is scoring, blocking or other variants, they are all entertaining. You can enjoy the games at Domino QiuQiu. Here are seven of the best domino games.

enjoy the games at Domino QiuQiu

  1. Basic Trains: this is a blocking game which comes from the Trains family. It is basically played with double-twelve or double-nine sets. The game is determined by the set’s size and by the number of the players. The winner is the one who empties the hand and who scores the points.
  2. Block: Block is the simplest variant of the domino game. Here, double six-set are drawn and a player must draw seven tiles. The winner is determined by the player who plays the last tile. Block can also be played with four players.
  3. Draw: This game is also called ‘Dominoes’. It is a kind of block game where seven tiles are drawn from a set of double-six. The line of play is started by the player who places the first tile. It is then alternately extended among the players. In this game, pip count is maintained.
  4. Mexican Train: Mexican Train is mainly played in the United States. The game requires a minimum of four players with the double-twelve It is started with a double and then one tile for a single turn. It also has got different variants and there are different rules for each variant.You can enjoy the games at domino qiu qiu .
  5. Bergen: It is a scoring game and is a variant of the draw game. By playing a tile, a player is able to score two points and it can be three points if there is a double on one of the ends. If a player empties or ends the game then he adds another two points. There is also another version known as ‘Double Bergen’.
  6. Muggins: ‘This game is also called ‘All Fives or Five Up’. Just like the draw game, here the scoring is done at the end of the game. As there are different variants of this game, first double, all doubles or spinners can be used. Here the players can score with the endpoints if it is divisible by five.
  7. Bingo: This game can be played by two players where seven tiles are drawn from double-six set. It is then turned up from stock and the value of blank is “7”. The bingo is 0-0, and the winner is determined if he scores it. In this game, scoring is known to be complicated.

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