Progressive vs. Static Slots: Know the difference

People around the world are too much into gambling. Everyone at least once in their life has been into gambling on some form or the other. It is the easiest way to make money and this is the thing that blinks everyone to at least give it a try. The most common among these, are slots. In short time these games has grabbed its popularity, and ever since have made the marks in the gambling world agen bola terpercaya. Well, there are two types of the slot that is important for every gambler to learn.

Progressive Slots: the modern version

A progressive slot is not fixed to a certain amount. The jackpot is increased as the number of participants is increased. In here, a small percentage of the wager goes on to the jackpot amount. The concept is the same in standalone as well as the networks of the completely progressive slots. As mentioned earlier the total amount that one bets and dumps in the slots machines a percentage of the money goes to the casino while the next percentage goes to the winning amount.

Because the slots are linked to each other and as the bets go higher the winning amount goes high, so if the winning amount goes high that means that the number of participants is higher too. That means that the probability of winning the amount is minimal. Well if your luck goes high, you can win a big jackpot in agen bola terpercaya, but not everyone’s luck is that good. It is a one in a lifetime scheme.

Static slots: the traditional version

Static slots are those that have the static pay. In here, the amount paid remains fixed. Unlike progressive slots that depend on the number of wagers, this does not depend on the number of the wager but depends on the amount of wager. These slots are in fact the traditional slots. These were the first kind of slots that were building. They still do exist but the slots have lessened because of the high demands of the progressive slots.

Which is better among the two?

The advantage of the static slots over progressive slots is that progressive slots are one of a lifetime thing. You win; you win big but that among the huge amount of competitors around the world. However, in case of static, it is no doubt that you won’t get a big jackpot put you do have small but regular chances of winning.

Moreover, in the case of progressive you have to bet the maximum coins in order to make yourself eligible for the bets. In the case of static, the thing is completely different.


The slots are popular in the gambling market. Well, the online gambling is the most modern way that facilitated a much more advantage than land-based. You can try agen bola terpercaya to start with online gambling.

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