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The gambling industry nowadays has become so popular in different parts of the world. For many players who like challenges, the most appropriate choice for them is playing using real money, like online gambling.

Our modern technology has a great impact on our modern life in different ways. One of the most significant implications of it is easy to access various information over the Internet. Through the World Wide Web, online gambling has become widely available. The easy access to the website is one of the great factors why players have already transferred from the traditional casino to the online gambling world.

One of the most popular online casino games today is online domino games, like in Dominoqq. It is a tile-based game. Each domino has a line dividing its face into two square ends. The back of the dominoes are indistinguishable; some are blank or have colors. There are two main popular methods of this game. One of these is playing straight dominoes.


What is the gameplay of playing straight dominoes:

  1. Four people popularly play this game. It can also be played with a pair of partners.
  • When it is played with more than 4, you will use a double-12 set instead of a double-9 set.
  • Double-9 set has 55 tiles while in a double-12 set has 91 tiles.
  1. Shuffling of dominoes face down
  • This is very important to shuffle the dominoes to create a resume of the orders of the dominoes. Each person will draw one tile, and then the person with the highest double will go first.
  1. Each player will draw seven dominoes.
  • Each player will pick seven tiles anywhere from the shuffled dominoes. The other players mustn’t see your seven tiles.
  1. Beginning round.
  • The first tile will place by one player. It is very important to assess your dominoes if you are the first person who will be placing the first domino. You must place the domino that won’t help you on your next turn.
  1. Take turns in building the tiles.
  • Each player has their turn to put a tile. The tile should have a side that matches the open end of a domino.
  1. Select a tile if you can’t place a tile already.
  • If you don’t have any tile already that matches on the open end of the domino, you will draw one tile. If it doesn’t match, it will be added to your tiles. But if it matches, you can play it.
  1. Lose all the dominoes.
  • If you have used all the tiles, then you are the winner already.
  1. Tally the score by adding the points of tiles left in each player.
  • Add the numbers of the dominoes that were left. Then, the first person to get 100 points wins the game.

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