Since the early slots machines strategy has been changed and most players don’t realize that new generation slots requires a new approach to strategy slots that are often contradictory to everything we’ve learned before.Free spins  for new member also make it more attracted

Here we take a look at traditional slots strategies for new generation and how should you adjust your game play accordingly in order to get the most out of your slots experience and maximize your potential returns.


Old: always bet the maximum number of coins to achieve the maximum payment.

New: study on video slots pay-table many multiples of pure and pay the same percentage, although the number of coins wagered.

Explanation: on traditional three reel slots, payout higher percentage achieved when betting lining up three jackpot symbols on three popular.If you choose to bet the currencies you’ll end up with less to pay fixed for three jackpot symbols, but if you bet Max will get progressive jackpot pool which is increasing than ever as it adds a portion of all bets to the pot until someone wins.

Most new slots on the other hand does not feature a disproportionate jump to the highest to win the jackpot but rather compensation at the same rate regardless of the number of coins you bet per line. And that’s why it’s important to always check the pay-table before you play slots.


Old:don’t play progressive slotsif you don’t want to bet the maximum number of coins.

New:bet enough to be eligible for prizes if you play progressive slots.

Explanation: as previously discussed, three reel slot machines work in a disproportionate leap in batches, differences gradually from these cracks take that jump to the maximum.

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While this is the same on video slots, including multilevel progressives, revenue will be less if you don’t bet enough to be eligible for the jackpot prize. However, it is generally not required to bet maximum coins qualify for this award. While the exact requirement varies from one device to another, with some extra holes that require bet to be eligible for the jackpot, generally if you make the jackpot bet, your bet size rest would not be relevant.


Old: read pay-table before playing

New: read the pay-table and menu instructions before playing

Explanation: Smart slots players always check machine before playing pay-table in order to make sure the symbols that need to be unlocked with the stakes higher and will activate pay-lines km with each coin wagered.


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