Everything You Need To Know About The Types Of Poker

Poker it the game that is associated with gambling but what exactly is poker? It is a game that involves skill, strategy and of course gambling. Gambling is part of the game. The winner is decided on the basis of the card combination. There are many variations of poker and they depend on the number of cards dealt in each.


When did exactly poker come into use in its modern form? Modern-day poker came into form during the 19th century in the US. It became more popular during the 1970s after the world tournament was held. This game is primarily played in the casinos; recently the online version has gained more popularity.

Variants of poker

Poker is mainly classified on the basis of dealing with the hand. There is “high hand” and “low hand”. Most poker games are played on the basis of high hand where in some cases low hand is also played. High hand wins include straight, flush, etc. Let’s have a look of the variations in detail.Poker is of many types listed below:

  • Straight
  • Stud poker
  • Draw poker
  • Community card poker

Online Poker Games


This is the oldest variation in the poker family, wherein a complete hand is dealt with each player. The betting is allowed to be raised. Straight hand of five cards is allowed but more strategy is allowed to make it more complex.

Stud poker

In this variation, cards are arranged in a pre-determined combination as face up or face down rounds. This, in turn, has developed into more complex game by dealing seven cards.

Draw poker

Each player is dealt five cards, face down; the players can discard unwanted cards or take new ones to improve their plays. This can be done only after the player places a bet. The betting can increase during the play.

Community card poker

In this type, players are dealt incomplete hand face down while the community cards are kept the face-up. Each player is free to choose their card to complete the five card hand. This is another form of stud poker. It is also known as “flop poker”.

Here are also variations called strip poker, where there are only few betting rounds. Acey Ducey or red dog poker is a type of poker game but with different rules for playing. Nowadays poker has gained popularity more on online platforms in the form of mobile apps or websites like qqpokeronline. But still, the traditional way holds its own charm. As technology improves so does the game.

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