Do you know about the origin of poker?

If you are a poker fan, you have probably been playing for years without thinking about its origin. In this article, we are going to talk about the amazing history of Poker. Click here to know about judi poker.

Origin of the word poker

Answering the origin of the word poker is not an easy task. For starters there are several possible options, and also, at various times. If you asked a Spaniard, I would tell you that poker comes from the “first”, a very common game in Spain during the 16th century. The French, however, would explain that their origins are in the poque, a card game in which lanterns are made. Although probably the answer of the Gallic country was the most successful, the Hindu term “pukka” or the German “pochen” seems to have also had its share of influence. Visit this site to know about judi poker.

So, what is the definitive answer? The combination of all.

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And then the game arrived

You already know that the origin of word poker is not very clear, and we regret to tell you that the game is not so.Although the theory that we are going to tell next seems quite right, the truth is that no version is 100% correct.

Everything indicates that the origin of poker is in a set of influences: the Persian game As Nas, the German Pochen, the French poque … Let’s say poker went from Erasmus and was influenced by all cultures.

But the first data seems to indicate that it all started in China in 869. However, the Asian game was not played with cards, but with some chips very similar to dominoes.

From the starting in China, the following information takes us in time to the theory of poque. This marks its origins about 200 years ago and is, in our opinion, the one that can be closer to reality.

Did you know…?

There are other interesting facts related to Poker that you may want to know. Do you know what the origin of Texas Hold’em is or why it is played with 52 cards? Keep reading!

– It is no coincidence that there are 52 cards that are played: this number corresponds to the weeks in a year, and in addition, the four suits are a representation of the four seasons (we do not know which suit corresponds to what). In addition, as a curious fact, the popular joker joined the rest of the cards in 1875.

– The origin of Poker Texas Hold’em, one of the best-known versions, seems to be in 1900. However, the 70s were a key moment for this game because it was the decade in which Texas Hold’em was introduced in the world series.

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