Basic types of Casino bonuses and how they work?

Getting rewarded is the best part of online casino games. Though it requires you to invest some money as a deposit, you may get more rewarded with the help of bonuses offered by the casinos. Let’s see the different types of bonuses offered by these casinos in nettcasino bonus.

Bonuses are offered to both existing users and new players who visit the casino sites. If you are a newbie to casino games, you will be offered a welcome bonus. However, most of these bonuses work based on the deposits of the players. Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses as well.

Let us get to know the bonus types.

No deposit bonus

  • The players do not have to make any kind of deposits to earn these bonuses. They are free and are generally offered to ner players, to encourage them to visit their particular website often. These are the promotional tactics of the casinos.
  • Some of the examples of these types of bonuses are Free spins, Free cash bonuses.
  • Having said that these are free, they come with certain restrictions called wagering requirements. This is the catch point, that players should be aware of before signing up for the website.
  • Also, these types of bonuses always come with limits, both in terms of usage and withdrawals. But not to worry about the restrictions. These are part and parcel of the legal websites to safeguard the casinos and their users.

Deposit Bonus

  • As the name suggests, the players will get these types of bonuses, when they make their deposit at the casino site of their choice. Not all deposits are eligible for this type of bonus. The websites have their level of qualifying deposits on their website. Refer to their terms and conditions to get to know more.
  • The deposit bonuses are usually matched to the amount of deposit made, so they are referred to as match bonuses. For eg: If a player deposits $100, the bonus is matched to this amount and they will get a bonus offer of $100 more, which makes the player eligible to play for $200.
  • This is a general theory. Usually, it differs from each casino. In general, it may vary anywhere from 50% to 200%.


Being familiar with the types of bonuses and how they work will give a better idea for the players to play and earn at the casino sites. If you are from Norway and looking to find better information about the latest casino bonus offers and the games, you can find them on nettcasino bonus website. They provide you with the latest information from casinos across the globe as well.

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