The Land of Smiles prohibits all forms of gambling. You will face penalties such as paying fines and spending time in jail if you get caught. The Gambling Act of 1935 is the reason for the said prohibition. The Playing Cards Act prohibits private ownership of more than 120 playing cards. That is unless approved by the government. There are only two ways you can place your bets. One is on the National Lottery, and the other is the thoroughbred horses at the racetracks of Bangkok.


Chinese immigrants introduced the lottery to Thailand in 1820. The locals called it huay, a direct translation of the Chinese word hua, which means flower. Only the community of Chinese immigrants in Thailand played the lottery at first. The establishment of the lottery happened during the reign of King Rama III. The purpose was to generate national revenues and stimulate currency circulation.

Online casinos

The market is so vast that an online casino in Thailand is the best option for those who want to play or make wagers. There are online casino sites like Goldenslot Casino, that are credible and safe. These sites have rules and regulations which ensure their trustworthiness and reputation. You can check the legalities and licenses found on their homepage.

These online casinos are not in Thailand, but they support several languages. The Thai language is one of the many they offer. Some of these online casino sites also accept currencies such as Baht. They can wire money to different bank accounts worldwide. You can deposit or withdraw by using the online banking option of your bank account. You can also transfer cash to and from your local ATMs and bank branches.

Sports betting

Thailand is keen on sports betting. They love games, and they love betting on it. Football is the most widespread among the population of Thailand. The government arrested almost two thousand people during the 2010 South Africa World Cup. Those were due to betting or gambling offenses.


The Thai Government has no jurisdiction over foreign-owned online casino sites. Therefore, they have no control over those who are using these overseas-hosted online casinos. But, it is always best to take the necessary precautions. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology may check the usage of individuals. If they see that there is an unusually heavy usage during Poker Tournaments, they may restrict your access. They can also red-flag telephone numbers if needed.

Thailand’s Buddhism concept is one of the reasons why the country does not embrace casinos and other forms of betting. Nothing but time can tell how much of this will change in the future.

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