Online games provide unending entertainment and if you are a game buff who wants to earn while playing here is a chance to be one. Dadu online is an online gambling game of dice. This is played by redeeming real money and getting returns from online banks like Mandiri, Bca and Bni. These are easy and funny to play. Also one can expect intermediary returns with a small investment.

How to play?

This ancient Chinese game was traditionally played with three dice. Now it can be played in an online casino. The game is very easy to understand, in fact, the very way you play the physical dice game. This does not require any strategy and can be played easily without knowledge great fighting rules.

  1. See how many betting limits are there in the table.
  2. Then choose the size of the chip you want to play and buy them.
  3. After choosing the size, place them on the sib co table where you want to place the bet.
  4. The dice is automatically rolled. Wait for your turn. The rolled dice are displayed on the screen.
  5. If you have any wins, collect them.
  6. Then you have to again purchase chips and the chain rotates.

How to play online sib co?

Playing online casino sib co is also the same as land-based casinos just for minor differences. In fact, those who are used to play online game find it more comfortable than the traditional one. Here is what you do to play online game:

  1. First step is to join an online casino site which organises the game.

Then you will be required to create an account with the casino to be a member.

  1. Pay deposit amount to get started.The deposit amount varies from one casino to another. Verify these details before commencing the game.
  2. Place the chip on the sibco table where you want to place the bet. Since this is online game you have to select the place with a mouse.
  3. Once the dice starts rolling you can see the chips you have bet on the display screen.
  4. Collect your wins and repeat to buy chips and play.

Some online casinos also give opportunity to play for free. You can register and play free games till you gain experience. But you cannot expect any

Some popular online sic bo bets:

 Specific double: This is won if any two of the three dice roll the number that you bet on.

Any triple: If all the three dice roll the same number irrespective of what number it is, then you win this.

Total: If you win a specific total of a number that you had bet on all the three dice then you win a total.

Other bets include Big, Small, Two-dice combination, Specific Triple and Single-die bet. As you progress in the game, you will have more chances to win. Any gambling is a gae of luck, but continuous practice lets you know about the winning strategies and offers more scope for earning.


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