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Shooting a fish is a game that allows the player to go wild with the fish and attack virtually everything that he comes across while swimming, be it scuba divers, boats, other fish, birds and extraordinarily, even the aircraft’s plying around the water body are not spared. In this game, points are acquired according to the damage that the player does i.e, the more the damage, the higher the points awarded. A deep down dive followed by a rapid up thrust enables the player to gain the necessary momentum to jump out of water, bite the helicopter, and drag it into water leading to its eventual explosion. The climax of the game reaches when the fish dives to the floor of the sea and jumps out at an incredible speed to capture and blast a plane. It’s both magical and spectacular especially for the new fans. This intriguing fish game possesses all the wonderful fish related moves one could ever think of. The explosion of boats and aeronautical gadgets adds magic to a game that is already fun-filled. The game is viewed from the side; this enables the player to have a lateral view of the activities above as well as those beneath the water surface. The mission of the tembak ikan is to score as many points as possible by destroying as many objects as possible. Therefore playing involves destroying virtually anything that a player comes across.

Learn the gaming skills

The game begins with the player clicking the play game’ button. The fish then appears, (moving to the right direction) at a relatively high speed along the water/air interface. The directional arrows control the movement of the fish. The right-pointing arrow key increases the speed with which the fish swims while the left-pointing arrow slows down the fish. The down-pointing arrow key dives the fish to the floor of the water mass and the up-pointing arrow allows the fish to shoot upwards sharply. The shooting is high enough to lift the fish several meters above the sea surface destroying everything it comes across. Destroying things in quick succession earns combo bonuses. Finally, the game employs the use of ether A or Ctrl keys control the chomping motion of the dreaded sea monster. The keys also allow the fish to open its mouth and grab aircraft that are dragged into water by repeatedly clicking on the downward arrow key. The plane explodes once it comes into contact with the water earning numerous points to the player. The player is allowed to play for a fixed duration of time after which the total points he or she has garnered is displayed. At the end of the game, the total points earned can be submitted.

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