Gambling laws in Thailand

If you are a gambling addict and a Thai, life must be hard for you. Thailand has some of the strictest laws when it comes to Gambling. Only a couple of legal forms of gambling are available in the country and they too are high government controlled.

However, that doesn’t mean that there is no gambling in Thailand. Gambling is a flourishing industry in Thailand as Thai’s love to gamble. Since real life casinos have been under constant threat, the online industry grew. The online gambling industry of Thailand provides everything that the brick and mortar have been barred from. Check out the Top 10 online casino Thailand for more information.

The Law

the main law on gambling is the Gambling Act, B.E. 2478 (1935). Separate laws such as Playing Cards Act, B.E. 2486 (1943) and Anti-Money Laundering Act, B.E. 2542 (1999) are also present.
Going into dreadful details of these laws is not important because in general, it all amounts to mean one simple thing. If you are caught in any form of gambling you can face penalties. The fine starts from 1000 baht up to one-year imprisonment.

While the laws may seem strict, gamblers are often released after a fine. The strict part of these laws usually deal with foreigners and gamble den owners.

Gambling dominance

The Thai People are natural gamblers. Some estimate that nearly 70% of Thai gamble in some form or the other. Gambling dens, mostly illegal, can be found all over the country. Basement casinos, home casinos and booking with bookies are all too common in the country.


Casinos Nearby

There are many border nations with popular and big casinos attaching themselves to Thailand. Many of these don’t even require stamping or entry/exit procedures. So in order to satisfy their casino and gambling crave, Thai people head to these destinations for gambling. Good examples of these would be Cambodia’s Crown Casino and Laos’ Savan Vegas.

To learn more about online casinos in Thailand, search for Top 10 online casino Thailand and you will learn all about Thailand’s online casino world.

Legal Gambling

As for legal gambling, there are only two forms of legal gambling in Thailand. Horse racing gambling is not that common and is usually frequented by the high-end society. It is held twice a month and open to the general public. Much more popular than this form of gambling in Thailand is the national lottery drawn on the first and sixteen each month. A huge population of Thailand participates in this lottery every month.

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