Domino Qui Qui and Ceme Keliling are the new trending dominos

Domino, as we know uses dominos for playing in the US and many other countries. But Domino Qiu Qiu uses cards as dominos and throws it after wear and tear. This game is much famous in Indonesia and is somewhat similar to its Chinese counterpart, the Pai Gow. This game is played using 28 different dominoes which is generally not done.

How does it work? 

This game can be quite tricky and fascinating but once the knack of it is understood, the game ends quickly and interests the players a lot. Like a majority of the games, the players their bets on the pot and there can be differences in the amounts being placed as bet too. Initially, the players are given around 3 dominoes, with which the player can raise or call. If the player does not have a good call, one can simply fold it. When one decides to place a bet in the first round then they can claim the bet. When no one has made a call, everyone is given the 4th card with which higher bets are placed at the starting of the second round. The one with the highest pip gets the pot. The layout of the game revolves around the pair of pips one holds.

Preface to ceme online:

ceme keliling online is a domino game that’s played in computers or mobiles from wherever one resides. Around 2 to 8 players can play this game. The player can either play as a player or as the dealer. This game uses only 2 dominos unlike domino qui qui. Also, there are various cards in this game called the series ranging from 0 to 7 having a few numbers of circles on the corner of the card. All the players are given 2 cards and they are given the time to place bets, only after which the game starts. The highest point is 9 and anything other than that, the last digit will be considered as the point. When the player has a higher point than the dealer then the dealer is supposed to pay or is vice versa. When anyone has 9 cards, he must be paid twice his bet. Thus this game is quite interesting and is played across the world.

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